Thursday, December 5, 2013

Eat. Drink. Write.

It seems I've been so busy writing lately, I haven't had time to write.


I've been busy writing assigned articles, making time to blog or work on my book difficult. Make that impossible. At least the articles I've been writing have been interesting.

Right now, I have a cover article in eat. drink. MISSISSIPPI magazine. It's about Janet Wagner, the Kitchen Goddess. It was a tough article to write, what with having to go to one of her cooking classes and trying everything she made!

Speaking of cooking, I met Susan Puckett this week at the Millsaps Arts & Lecture Series. She was there talking about her cookbook, Eat Drink Delta: A Hungry Traveler's Journey Through the Soul of the Delta. (I'm seeing a trend here...lots of eating and drinking!). I coordinated the reception after her lecture, and I had my committee make recipes out of the book. Oooooh my was everything good! 

And speaking of authors, I met up with Fannie Flagg at Lemuria recently. She was there doing a reading from her new book, The All-Girl Filling Station's Final Reunion. 

Fannie and I go way least three years, when we met at Girlfriend Weekend in Jefferson, Texas. At the Friday night dance, everyone was supposed to dress like their favorite character from a book. She dressed up like Pippi Longstocking, complete with horizontal braids. We danced all night and had a ball.

(The red-headed pink-boa'd women are my book club buddies!)

I've been writing perspectives for Portico, a fitness article for VIP Jackson, and some really interesting articles for Delta Business Journal and Delta Magazine. I've also been doing some business consulting work for an electrical contractor (a 3-part class on writing for business) and a house designer. I'm not's good work and I am thankful for it! But I'm sure hoping I can figure out how to carve out time to write my book and to do some more blogging. I guess it all boils down to butt-in-chair. 


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