Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bidness and Bottle Trees

I love writing business stories. For years, I wrote stories for the Mississippi Business Journal under an assumed name. A nom de plume if you will. Long story short: I wrote for a local newspaper as a freelance writer -- I was NOT an employee -- but they didn't want me writing for anyone else. Really? No worries! I
 just used a different name. I don't have much of an ego...put my real name on the check, and you can call me anything you want in print. (OK, not all of the time...see a blog I wrote on bylines:

I really love learning people's stories, and writing business stories gives me the added dimension of finding out not only personal stories, but stories about how people started, built and succeeded in their respective businesses. I find it fascinating. I suppose I have an entrepreneurial spirit, but I lacked the confidence/courage to step out there and just do it. But writing about others has shown me that anyone can be successful in business...with the right amount of knowledge, passion and a good idea. 

One of those people is Stephanie Dwyar. 

She makes a living welding pieces of metal, turning them almost magically into works of art. Some are functional works of art, like gates and light fixtures and such. Others are more aesthetic, like the graceful, twisting Katrina trees--a modern-day bottle tree. 

I wrote about the popularity--and business--of bottle trees in an article for the Delta Business JournalYou can read it here.

Stephanie is part of Mississippi's Creative Economy. She's doing something she is passionate about and making a living loving what she's doing. What she does has a ripple effect...she purchases metal, welding equipment and such and then she wholesales some of her work to merchants who sell it at a profit. And think of all those bottles...someone had to buy them and consume the contents! 

If you could start a business, and do anything you wanted, what would you do? I hope it's something really groovy, and I hope it's successful, and I hope that one day, I'll get to use what I'm passionate about -- writing -- and write about your business for a newspaper, magazine or business journal! 

Shine! Be brilliant!

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